Caxton College
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  • Committed to Values Education Committed to Values Education 18th June

    The Levante newspaper has published an article about the responsibility Caxton has towards its students in fostering an education that includes an appreciation of the value of social commitment. 

  • "State of Art" 8 June
    This afternoon saw the inauguration of the Year 11, 12 & 13 Art Exhibition, entitled "State of Art", which will be open to the public until the 16th of this month.


  • Do we get enough rest? Do we get enough rest? 6th June

    Are we aware of the importance of getting enough sleep at every stage of our life? Silvia Sanchis, our Primary Psychologist, has a lot of interesting information and advice on the subject.


  • Exam nerves Exam nerves 30th May

    Cristina Pérez, the Caxton College Secondary Psychologist, gives some practical advice in this video on how to help our children to overcome their exam nerves.

  • Caxton College Football Club progresses to the Superleague Caxton College Football Club progresses to the Superleague 22nd May

    A historic landmark for such a young club! The Under-12s A team made it possible.

  • Caxton Creative Writing Competition Caxton Creative Writing Competition 16th May

    Our Student Ambassadors for Literacy have launched a Creative Writing Contest. Don't miss the chance to read their short stories.

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